Jian Kellett Liew better known by the stage name Kyson, is an Australian singer-songwriter, musician and Producer.
Kyson is also Liew’s birth name. His parents originally named him “Kyson” after his father Khai and to mean “Khai’s son” as at that stage they were not ready to choose a name for their new born child. Years later in they changed it to Jian.
Comparable to the origin of the name Kyson, the sound and artistic morals of the project have a deep meaning and connection to his family, home, ethnicity and heritage. Sonically one notices this through the Chinese bell and vocal samples which are present through the entirety of his debut album “The Waters Way” or the field recordings which feature heavily on his sophomore album “A Book Of Flying” a body of work that showcased Liew’s fascination with the sounds in nature around where he grew up as well as the sampling techniques pioneered by avant-garde composition.

 Home is an extremely important place for Liew, and as a traveller and a person who has spent the majority of his adult life between temporary places to live, his music attempts to conjure up many thoughts about the idea of the word ‘Home’ and its meaning, with the self described nostalgic sound of the music. The guitar arpeggios, Synthesiser patterns and his own vocals are a constant theme in the sound of Kyson, which is primarily electronic and experimental in nature, however finds it footing and origins in Pop, Hip-Hop and Folk music. His First musical experiences came from crafting his way as a beat-maker and Producer for various Australian hip-hop acts and this obsession with the genre and process of production and sampling grew into a path for the future. Liew sees music as the platform through which he feels most comfortable.
In 2013 he released his Debut album on the esteemed Los Angeles based label “Friends of Friends”  it was with this album Kyson began to use his voice as a major part of his previously instrumental productions, this continued throughout the years and his vocals featured heavily on his Electronica/Folk leaning sophomore “A Book of Flying” which was released on May 1, 2016 also on Friends of Friends Records.

Although a good portion of the more recent and upcoming Kyson songs lean towards a folk/R&B sound. Experimentation in addition to abstract recordings and song structures are still key for Liew during his process of writing music. He takes compositional notes from musical contemporaries such as Arthur Russell and John Cage as well as strongly considering how other mediums such as Art and Design can influence the way he makes music and the way he puts together an Album or piece of work.

MGMT: aaron@voicelessartists.com